Front-End Weekly - No. 1

I'm working on creating a weekly email, so I collected my fave things from the week and decided to share it since I'm not ready to launch yet. It will be a lot more fun looking in the email.

Fave of the Week #

Dave Rupert Strikes Again

This was great. Yaron Schoen tweets about wanting to redirect to an image if someone puts 'ASAP' into his contact form. Dave whips it up.

Process #

Smart Transitions In User Experience Design

Animating DOM Transitions

Medium-Style Page Transition

Using CSS Shapes to Enhance Visual Storytelling

Well-rounded Compound Shapes CSS

The HTML5 Document Outline

Flexbox First

Bring Back the Baseline

Tutorials #

How a Text Gradient is Made

Getting Started with Flexbox

Interactive Data Visualization for the Web

Resources #

Multi-Element Selection


Tools #

Get Up and Running with Grunt


Automating Front-End Workflow Slides from Addy Osmani

Inspiration #

Responsive Icons

CSS and the Golden Ratio created by Bold

Code #

Expanding list items by Rachel Stock

Text masking with snap.svg by Rachel Stock

Color + Math + Motion by Mark Lee

Social #


Events #

Artifact Conf

Web Unleashed 2013

PixelKit Bootstrap UI Kits





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