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Hi! I'm Dan Denney and I'm a front-end developer at DataCamp.

I have been working closely with designers and writing HTML/CSS and JS since 2008ish. In 2009, Cherrie and I founded Front-End Conf, and our friends from Unmatched Style are keeping it going these days.

Nearly all of my interests and hobbies end up as some form of web project, with this site being my main one.

My learnings are shared through blog posts, and the latest one is Prop Data Preferences, on what's the "best practice" for passing down data.

Blips are where I stash quick thoughts or reactions to various things in the web community, and the latest is UI Microtips.

I add some other sections here and there, depending on what I'm working on.

Smoker with hanging meat

Learning to Cook

I've been learning to cook and there's a lot of crossover with front-end. I take someone else's design, aka recipe, and learn the skills to make it come to life. Sometimes it's beautiful and sometimes it's terrible.

Of course, I have to put my learnings online in a cooking journal of sorts.


As of December 2018, that's the solved rate for homicides in America.

I've been fascinated by crime since I was a kid, and as a genre, true crime is popular these days. I'm working on a project to try to be a part of the community of people who are trying to help find answers.

True Crime Researchers is a curated collection of missing person and homicide cases that I have dove into. One of the research challenges is that the information is all over the web, so I try to bring enough together for people to get started. I see it as part-database, part-landing-page for cases. It's all open-source, and the Airtable is open as well.


Abby and Libby


Learn about the Delphi Murders and other cases.