Thankful for Fight Camp

As I’ve aged, I’ve noticed that I need some physical activity for my mental well-being as much as my physical well-being. I used to work out to be able to keep eating delicious food and drinking lots of adult beverages. (They still have the lead on my body, by the way)

I’ve tried plenty of basic gym workouts, exercise routines, and hitting the pavement. I rarely stick with them because I don’t truly enjoy it, but I’ll mostly do it if it’s reasonably accessible.

I moved further out in Nashville without a car and away from my complex gym, so I took a shot with Fight Camp. Boxing was my go-to sport when I was young, and it’s something that I can do from home. I had no idea how fulfilling it would be. I get a good sweat going even in this winter cold with my windows open. The core workouts build strength, and the combo of those and punching the bag leave me feeling fulfilled.

The trainers are outstanding, they’re so personable in the videos, and after a year, I almost feel like I know them. (I don’t participate much, but there are online communities for you to really get to know them and other Fight Campers if you want.)


Recap of the year

As I mentioned, burning calories to keep my weight from going up is one reason I work out. Over the year, I dropped 19 pounds, but more importantly, I burned off 2.5% of body fat. I feel solid and have toned up a bit, but this year, I would like to shave off some more of that chub.

Throughout the year, I did 257 workouts. That number seems high, but I’m not thatttt committed. I follow their plan of stacking workouts, so it’s a combo of X rounds of boxing and then a core workout. So, I probably worked out 126ish times. My longest streak was 5 days, but I try not to do that anymore. I’ve found that 2 days on and 1 day off feels the best for activity and recovery. Twelve weeks was my best streak of working out at least once. Consistency is my biggest challenge with all the traveling that I do. They have performance levels, and throughout the year, I achieved 2 silver, 4 gold, 5 platinum, and 1 diamond.

The most important thing is that I look forward to working out most days. And when I don’t, all it takes is getting started, and then I end up feeling great.

Cheers to another year working off this beer!

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