Read Later

I generally try to throw some money at services that I use for a long time, but I never did with Pocket. It was cool for stashing away links but didn’t have the draw that some of the older ones, like Instapaper did. I remember being all-in on Readability, but didn’t go back to Instapaper after it shut down.

Anyhow, Pocket is moving to Firefox accounts, and the necessary change was enough for me to throw in the towel. I love MyMind but I want it more for things that I want to keep for reference. So, I’m just making a basic table in Notion for “read later” things.

One super nice thing is that Pocket lets you export your items, so I’m able to start with a list. Popping it on here, just cause. I think I’ll declare bankruptcy on the reading debt, but it looks like I’m about seven years overdue for seeing what someone learned from 50 onboarding flows.

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