Fun With Framer AI

I’ve been crushin on Framer lately. I’m seriously blown away at how far it’s come since back in 2015 when I first remember getting a walkthrough at a meetup. It’s the first time I’ve seen software that allows someone to do what I do when I’m implementing a design. I’m used to getting either a desktop-only design or maybe a single small screen size and a desktop, where I then figure out everything between and beyond in code.

Framer allows you to do all that in a very straightforward way within the UI and it’s arguably faster than I could write the code for it. The icing on the cake is that you just click publish, and your changes are live almost instantly.

To kick the tires on their new AI option, I had it generate a landing page for a collection of ai-generated images and prompts. I’ve been wanting to start stashing my midjourney creations and it feels like a great option for something fun and flashy. Here’s a peek at the initial version, but don’t blame the muted colors on Figma. They had tons of options, but I went more muted to allow the colors from the future images to shine.

I recorded the process, if you’re into that kind of thing: Fun With Framer AI

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