I have too many ideas. I’m certainly not alone, it’s an effect of being a part of this amazing time for the web. The problem is that having so many ideas and not executing is like carrying baggage. When I see things get released that are close to ideas that I have it is both frustrating and rewarding. I get frustrated that I didn’t do it, but pleased that people that I consider much smarter than I am saw similar opportunities.

What I have been working on lately is allowing myself to think through something, play with the idea for a bit and then decide if I’m really going to do it or not. If I’m not going to start doing it this week, I’m writing it off. Execution is the only thing that matters and if I won’t set aside the time to execute on them they don’t matter. It’s hard though, as I’m trying to narrow down what to do of my 4 longest living ones.

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