Outdoor patio captures the essence of Miami's energy, lights, and diverse culture

Perched on an outdoor patio at Citizen M in Miami, with a Funky Buddha draft in hand, the city unfolds before you in a display of lights, energy, and architecture that seems to dance in the humid night air. Miami’s downtown scene isn’t just observed; it’s felt. It pulses, it moves, it seduces.

Funky Buddha’s brews are Floridian craft beer at its finest, brimming with as much character as the streets below. Their drafts have a way of capturing the essence of the local culture—bold, inventive, a little ostentatious, and incredibly diverse. Each sip is like the city itself, a complex blend of flavors that’s both unexpected and delightful.

Sitting outside, the balmy air brushing against your skin, the city’s soundtrack rises up—the distant thrum of music, the clinking of glasses, the low murmur of conversations peppered with laughter. The beer is cold, a refreshing contrast to the warmth around you, and it grounds you in the moment, a delicious anchor to the here and now.

And as you sit there, beer in hand, the skyline towering above, you realize that Miami is not just a city; it’s a mood, an experience that can be as intoxicating as any double IPA. Funky Buddha on draft isn’t just a drink here; it’s a tribute to the city’s spirit—a perfect companion to the vibrant tableau that is Miami. This is the kind of place where stories begin, where nights turn into mornings, and where the simple act of drinking a beer can feel like an act of communion with the city itself.