Common Ground

There’s something to be said about Nashville, with its rich tapestry of sounds and flavors, its grand stages and dimly lit honky-tonks. And amidst its shimmering skyscrapers and historic facades, you stumble upon spots that resonate with a charm so authentic, they feel like an embrace from an old friend. Common Ground Bar and Eatery is one such treasure.

It’s not grandiose, and it doesn’t scream for attention. Instead, it stands confidently in its understated elegance, knowing full well that true quality speaks for itself. It’s the embodiment of the dreamt-up watering hole, the place you always hoped existed just around the corner from your home.

Now, let’s talk about that “STEAK” AND EGGS. This is not your diner’s breakfast staple, no sir. The braised short rib, tender and decadently flavorful, swims in a pool of rich au jus that begs to be sopped up. It whispers tales of slow cooking and patience. Then there’s the potato rosti - crisp on the outside, tender within, a perfect bed to anchor this hearty dish. And the local eggs? They’re a testament to freshness, to Nashville’s bountiful produce, crowning the dish with their golden, runny glory.

The mimosa, a seemingly simple concoction, pairs elegantly with the meal. It’s the effervescent uplift, the gentle fizz that balances out the richness, making every mouthful a celebration.

Common Ground isn’t just a bar or an eatery. It’s a feeling, a memory in the making, the kind of place where stories are shared, and friendships cemented over clinking glasses and hearty meals.

To the places that feel like home, the unsung heroes that make a city’s culinary scene truly special, and to mornings in Nashville where every bite feels like a warm embrace — here’s looking at you, Common Ground. Cheers!

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