Doce Provisions

An intoxicating Cuban experience with the sounds and breeze of the Magic City

Nestled in the vibrant pulse of Little Havana, Doce Provisions stands as a bastion of culinary authenticity, a place that weaves the fabric of community through its flavors. Here, under the Miami sky, you’re invited to partake in a feast not just of food but of atmosphere—sitting outside on a welcoming patio, where the rhythms of Cuban music mingle with the whispers of a light breeze, crafting an ambiance that’s as intoxicating as the cuisine.

The Birria de Res Quesatacos, a star in this gastronomic haven, demands your attention. Short rib, sumptuous and rich, is enrobed in a crisped tortilla, anointed with a chipotle crema that adds smoke and mirrors to the complexity of flavors. The queso fresco brings a cooling reprieve, a necessity under the warm Miami sun.

Then there’s Abuela’s Ropa Vieja, a dish that captures the soul of Cuban cooking—a tapestry of shredded beef, a mosaic of peppers and onions, each fiber soaked in the memory of kitchens where family history simmers on the stovetop.

All of this is accompanied by the Cerveza Palma, a beer that’s as much a part of the scene as the gentle sway of palm trees overhead, a companion to the food that complements without overshadowing.

This is a place where the very essence of Miami is served up on open-air platters. With each bite, the borders between the city and the plate blur, until all that remains is an experience that’s undeniably, unforgettably Miami. On this patio, with a belly full of Miami’s best and a heart full of its rhythm, you find the truth in the flavors, the stories, the music, and the breeze.