Double Dogs

Returning from the cobblestoned streets of Lisbon, where the melancholic strains of Fado and the flavors of bacalhau had been daily fare, Nashville’s energy feels like a rhythm change in a well-curated playlist. There’s an undercurrent of familiarity, a comforting cadence that draws one to the heartland of music and meat.

Double Dogs beckons. It’s not just a spot—it’s an institution. It’s a dive back into the heart of Americana, where screens beam games and conversations revolve around scores, plays, and that final inning.

The barbecue bacon cheeseburger isn’t just sustenance. It’s a welcome back hug. A juicy, smoky affirmation of American diner culture. Each bite is a juxtaposition of flavors - the tang of the barbecue sauce, the crisp of the bacon, the melt of the cheese. After a week of Lisbon’s nuanced and delicate profiles, this burger is a robust handshake. The fries, golden and crispy, feel like catching up with an old friend – familiar and deeply comforting.

Then, the Tailgate Lager. Oh, how the amber liquid shines in its glass! It’s crisp, it’s refreshing. It’s America in a gulp, perfectly complementing the heartiness of that burger.

As you sit back, sated, the bustling energy of Nashville surrounding you, there’s an overwhelming sense of gratitude. For Lisbon’s beautiful complexity, and for Nashville’s unabashed simplicity.

To Double Dogs, for its heartwarming welcome. To the dance of flavors across continents. And to the universal language of good food and drink. Cheers!

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