Epic Sana Marquês Hotel

Blending luxury, stunning views, and cultural immersion into an unforgettable sensory escape

In the midst of Lisbon’s dynamic cityscape, where ancient history gracefully intertwines with the pulse of the modern world, rises the Epic Sana Marquês Hotel. A bastion of luxury and elegance, its name isn’t just a moniker—it’s a promise.

Morning in Marquês dawns with a European breakfast buffet that is nothing short of, well, epic. Tables laden with a spread that feels like a gastronomic tour of the continent: fragrant croissants rivaling those of Paris, Iberian cured ham that melts in the mouth, cheeses from the nooks and crannies of Europe, and a medley of fresh fruits that sing of the Mediterranean sun. Every bite, every flavor, is a journey. A journey that celebrates the richness and diversity of European culinary traditions, set against the backdrop of Lisbon’s radiant morning light.

But as the sun climbs higher, casting its golden hue over the city, the real magic awaits atop the hotel. The rooftop pool is not just a place to swim—it’s an experience. With beers in hand, the city unfolds below in all its glory. Lisbon, with its terracotta rooftops, its historic trams trundling through winding streets, and the distant silhouette of the São Jorge Castle standing sentinel. The cool beer contrasts the warmth of the sun, its effervescence a mirror to the bubbling energy of the city below.

Photo of a pool and rooftop view of Lisbon

To be ensconced in the pool, beer in hand, with Lisbon laying herself bare beneath you—it’s a moment of pure serendipity. A reminder of the simple joys of life: good food, breathtaking views, the embrace of water, and the company of loved ones.

Here’s to Epic Sana Marquês, for offering more than just a stay—for offering moments that linger, long after the sun sets over Lisbon’s enchanting skyline. Saúde!