St. Pete Pier

Rooftop bar showcasing local craft beers and breathtaking views

Pier Teaki at the top of St. Pete Pier offers not just a breathtaking view of St. Petersburg but also a unique setting for sharing a relaxed yet memorable evening with colleagues, including one visiting from London. This rooftop bar, with its stunning waterfront and cityscape views paired with a tropical ambiance, serves as the perfect backdrop for introducing international visitors to the local flavors of Florida.

As you and your London-based coworker settle in, the local beer selection becomes an integral part of the experience. The 81 Bay Lightning Lager, a nod to Tampa’s own hockey team, is particularly fitting for the occasion. Its crisp, refreshing qualities make it akin to an American classic, ideal for showcasing the light, easy-drinking beers popular in this sunny state. Its subtle malt flavors and gentle hop profile provide a clean finish that’s perfect for enjoying the warm, ocean breeze.

The Green Bench Sunshine IPA offers a bolder taste with its vibrant array of hops that bring forth notes of tropical citrus, embodying the bright, bold spirit of St. Petersburg itself. Named after the city’s claim as a place of perpetual sunshine, this IPA is both a conversation starter and a pleasure to sip, making it a great choice for beer enthusiasts looking to explore regional craft beers.

Sharing these beers at Pier Teaki provides an opportunity not just to catch up and relax, but also to engage in cultural exchange—comparing notes on the beer scenes from the U.S. and the U.K., discussing the nuances of craft brews, and enjoying the universal language of good beer.

With the panoramic views from the rooftop—from the bustling streets of downtown to the serene waters of Tampa Bay—complemented by the laid-back yet chic tiki-inspired decor, the setting is perfect for making a lasting impression. Whether you’re celebrating a successful collaboration or simply unwinding after a workday, Pier Teaki offers a memorable venue where conversations flow as smoothly as the beer.

Here’s to a wonderful evening of shared stories, laughter, and beers, bridging the gap between colleagues from across the pond, and creating memories that highlight the best of St. Petersburg’s hospitality and charm. Cheers!