The Getaway

A tiki-style restaurant offers a journey into a Floridian paradise

Ah, St. Petersburg, Florida—where the Gulf meets God’s waiting room. But let’s forget the clichés for a moment, because you’re at a waterside tiki-style restaurant that defies the ordinary. The decor screams vacation; it’s a Jimmy Buffet song rendered in bamboo and straw. You can almost feel your stress dissolve in the humid air, replaced by the casual elegance of a beachside nirvana.

Let’s talk about the Pelican Guava Punches. These aren’t just drinks; they’re liquid postcards from paradise. Golden coconut rum serves as the molten core, and fresh guava—the exotic muse—dances around it. Lime juice cuts through, offering a citrusy slap of reality, while soda water lifts the whole ensemble to effervescent heights. You sip, and for a moment, you’re not a tourist; you’re an explorer, discovering the topography of tropical bliss.

Now, the Volcano Shrimp and Tuna Poke Bowl. This isn’t a meal; it’s a maritime spectacle served in a bowl. The shrimp are like little crustacean fireworks—spicy, succulent, bursting with flavor. Then there’s the tuna, ruby-red and velvety, a sashimi-grade dream that’s been kissed by soy and sesame. Together, they form a yin-yang of oceanic bounty, a tale of two textures and tastes that are both distinct yet harmonious.

You look out at the water, feeling the breeze that carries the scent of salt and freedom. Pelicans glide lazily over the waves, like the old men of the sea taking their time. And you realize, this isn’t just a meal or a drink; it’s a slice of Floridian utopia. You’re not just here to eat and sip; you’re here to absorb, to live, to be.