The Standard

Ah, Fort Myers, Florida. A place where the balmy breezes of the Gulf whisper tales of bygone eras and the relentless pursuit of a good meal. Let’s dive into the scene at The Standard, an establishment that’s anything but standard.

Perched at the bar, the world outside fades into a mere backdrop as the baked cavatappi bolognese takes center stage. This isn’t just pasta; it’s a culinary narrative woven with al dente cavatappi, each curve holding onto the rich, meaty bolognese sauce like an old lover. The sauce, robust and hearty, carries whispers of simmered tomatoes, a mirepoix melody, and the kind of meat that’s been cooked slowly, lovingly. It’s baked to a point where the cheese atop forms a golden crust, a treasure trove of flavor that beckons with each forkful.

And what’s a meal in Fort Myers without a nod to its coastal roots? The Coastal Days beer, a liquid ode to the breezy Gulf shores, complements the dish. It’s the kind of beer that doesn’t overpower but rather elevates the meal. Its crisp, refreshing notes dance harmoniously with the rich bolognese, like a sunset waltz on the beach.

It’s a meal that Anthony Bourdain would have appreciated, not for its complexity, but for its honest, unpretentious presentation of flavors that speak of the local culture and passion. In a place like The Standard, it’s more than just dinner; it’s an experience that ties you to the heart of Fort Myers – a city that, much like this dish, is full of surprises.

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