Strapi Series, Part 1: Project Outline

An illustration of an outline of a web project, with a person sketching the wireframe on a whiteboard, in the style of a technical drawing, viewed from a top-down perspective, with a computer and a notebook in the background. --v 5 --ar 3:2

Over the past few months, I’ve been getting more exposure to Strapi. I’m not directly responsible for building much with it yet, but there’s an opportunity for me to, and I want to get good at it. There’s so much to learn with Strapi and how to build quality components that allow for a great mix of flexibility and control.

The latter part touches on many other things that I’m continually trying to improve, such as design system implementation and app architectures. It feels like the time for another round of learning in public.

Learning By Sharing

I’ve always resonated with the “learn by doing” approach, but I like to take it one step further. By sharing, I learn to think through what I’m learning enough to communicate. I also have an ulterior motive. If you ever want advice from other engineers, the fastest way to get it is to write something they disagree with 😉. I will make wrong decisions and assumptions and hope others will help guide me to better options.

Also, I have done some searching on the interwebz and Youtube, without finding much beyond the basic tutorials. So, I’m following the tutelage of Chris Coyier “Write the article you wish you found when you googled something.”

The Project

I will create a fake online education company that teaches music online, called BandCamp. This is in no way associated with my day job, a real online education company that teaches data science. You’ll see that one is fake, one is real, and there are two clearly different letters in the name. There will be a marketing site, a signed-in experience for customers, and a course interface. I will use Strapi as much as possible for it, learning where it makes sense not to use it.

The project’s primary goal is to learn how to build and document Strapi components, while sharing what I learn. There are some secondary things, like learning how to use the latest features of Next and Storybook and trying different style and component frameworks. I’ll try not to let them pull me too far from the Strapi parts, but I am a geek and geeks gonna geek.

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