Webflow for Web Devs

a wizard using a magic wand to create a website on a pedestal, cinematic, with shapes and colors flying around in the air --ar 3:2

While I live in Nashville now, I still feel like part of web community in the Tampa area, especially now that we’re bringing Front-End Conf back to St. Pete. I wanted to share some of my recent learnings around Webflow and got to share with the Tampa Devs Meetup Group.

I figured since I was putting together a full talk, I should do a recording that I could share as well. It gave me some practice preparing for the talk, but also in editing videos.

The Video

This version was recorded at home, but it’s super close to the final one that we did that night. The biggest difference is the end project, where we ended up doing “Uber for Cats” instead.

More to Come

I’m really enjoying Webflow and there were some fantastic questions during the meetup that I want to explore. I’ll share more as I learn.

Late Addition

I was watching some videos and came across this one, which gives a great breakdown of how to build out a site in a good way. Absolutely worth watching: Figma to Webflow Website Build 2024

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