A vibrant digital art piece depicting a community coming together to give back, with volunteers of all ages and backgrounds working together to support those in need. The scene is set in a bustling city, with people handing out food and supplies to those who are less fortunate. The composition is rich in detail, showcasing the diversity and unity of the volunteers, as well as the recipients of their kindness. The color palette is warm and inviting, and the lighting is soft and diffused, evoking a sense of hope and compassion. The viewer is immersed in the scene, with eye-level perspective drawing them into the heart of the action. This artwork serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of giving back and the positive impact it can have on our communities --v 5 --ar 3:2

Give Back

Two of my favorite people Carl Smith and Andi Graham, who are always giving back to the community.

Some wonderful got together and made us an awesome site and printed off t-shirts. Thank you again to everyone involved and specifically to Matt Graham and Ben Callahan for heading things up. They also donated the proceeds from Cotton Bureau to us. Needless to say, we never planned on pocketing that.

Giving It Back

There’s an awesome opportunity to give back in a couple of ways. We really want this project to get funded: CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap. Additionally, one of the rewards gets someone 6 months of Code School. I love working there and the idea of someone getting 6 months to increase their skills.

So, we bought 2 of the $100 levels where someone gets the Code School reward and I want to give the rewards away.

We Need Your Help

Step one:

We need to know who to give these 2 rewards to. Are you in a point in your career where this could really make a difference? Or, do you know someone that it could really make a difference to? Pop your or their name in the form below and I’ll do a random draw on Friday (October 10th).

Step two:

Share the project! It has 4 days left and only needs $1,750 (at this moment).

Congratulations to Fasina and Ryan, our winners!